About Me

Hi, my name is Lucas Blaine and I like to bust stupid dope moves, and also write about things on the internet.  Here is a picture of me drinking a beer with a boxing glove on.

Knocked that beer out!
What do I like to write about?  All kinds of things that I see in and around the internet.  Sometimes it can be news, sometimes it will be movies, music, video games, sneakers, and generally anything I find dumb, uh...interesting.

 Since I have this passion for writing I want to get better at it, and the only way to do that is to write lots of words that are inside of articles.  That is what I intend to do. This blog is going to try to have a little of everything. I hope you like to read about the things I like to write about. If you don't then hey, here we are on the internet, THE place where everyone tells other people their opinion even though they weren't asked about it.  So go ahead, tell me what you think I can take it.  Hope you have fun, because I am gonna keep writing so you might as well right?


  1. yyyour wwwwriting iiis ggggetting bbetter thanks for entertaining us your rrreaders


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