Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Darth Vader Redesigned And Other Cool Art

Ario Murti is a freelance illustrator from Indonesia.

He likes to draw rad shit.  Like, since everyone is just dying for more Star Wars, but are (for the most part I assume) unable to travel forward in time, breaking us off a piece of ol' Darth Vader in an excellent redesign sans helmet.

He also does other cool shit too.

Like this:

And these:

And quite possibly my personal favorite:

Tell me you don't want that on your wall.  Just try to lie to me.

I’m loving how clean and poster-y all his stuff is, but that Darth Vader redesign in particular is just the fucking coolest.

Especially when it is presented this way...


What I am trying to convey here is that this man has talent. You can see more of Ario’s work at his personal site and ArtStation page.

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