Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Comes Early With Nick Offerman's 45 Minute Whiskey Drinking Yule Log Video

Are you worried about what to do for the holidays?  Scared that you might be lonely and sad?

Well worry no more!  That's because everyone's most favorite eloquent bearded Fargo counselor (the only counselor in town)  (Also, go watch Fargo) is here to give you an early Christmas present.  Be assured, it is something you want.  Even if you don't know that you wanted it.

This gift?  A 45 minute video of Nick Offerman drinking whiskey.

See?  I knew you'd like it.

In a new, “hot take” on the traditional Yule Log, Offerman sits in an arm chair by a Yule Log and stares at viewers for 45 minutes straight in between occasional sips of Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky. It’s his latest stunt for the distillery on the Island of Islay in Scotland. This time last year, in fact, he played the guitar and sang an ode to the dead-pan, mustachioed character’s drink of choice.

So here it is, drink it in.  Savor it.

So there you go.  You are set for the holidays.  And also simultaneously now have a gift for anyone you don't know.  Don't know what to get grandma?  Send her a link to this video.  Don't know how to please your boss with a perfect gift?  Now you are covered. (Also, maybe throw in a bottle of Lagavulin, and really seal the deal.)

And if it gets old — or if his stare makes you feel too uncomfortable — then you clearly have no soul, and should seek help.  

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