Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Best Game of The Year Also Has The Best Art

Now this is a treat. The Witcher 3 has easily been my favourite game of 2015, and quite possibly might be one of my favorite games ever.  From the rich world-building, to the fantastic characters, to the sheer scope of the story and setting, it drew me in and wowed me in ways that few other video games do.  In a year that saw releases from two of my all-time favorite franchises  (Metal Gear Solid V and Fallout 4) it has eclipsed them both to steal my heart. 

So naturally it’s a pleasure to showcase a collection of artwork that went into the game’s development and promotion.

What you’ll see below is an assortment of images, some from CD Projekt Red’s own artists, some are early sketches for characters, and all of which spark some deep emotions and memories in my lil' noggin.

Check it out:

And go play this damn game already.  Don't worry about the other two in the series, because I sure didn't, and look where we are right now.

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