Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Watch A Centipede Eat A Cockroach Because Nature Is Metal

We live in a sick world, ruled by a sick God.  That said, nature is pretty god damned metal.

All you need is to add some sick death metal to this, and you have a good music video.  Because much like death metal, nature pulls no punches, and is...BRUTAL.

When a centipede eats a cockroach, it doesn’t do so mercifully. It eats chunks of the cockroach’s body first, relishing in the power it wields over an inferior and fewer-legged arthropod.

This video is even sicker than it looks at first glance, too. Reddit users pointed out that the cockroach was actually glued to the rock — an unwitting prey with no way of escape. Upon closer inspection, it does look as though the roach has, indeed, been glued in place to await his fate.

While this is a feeding video, where ostensibly someone is feeding their pet centipede, a pet that absolutely makes zero sense, it still must be said. Animals are cruel, but people are crueler.

Devil horns!

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