Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This Weekend There's A Ninja Festival In Japan

It's legit.

Live in Tokyo?  Well, aside from having an awesome place to live in for the other 363 days of the year, this weekend you have a really awesome place to live.  Ninja Festivals y'all, they are happening.

While all most people know about ninja is probably “wrong,” this weekend in Tokyo’s Ueno Park, there is a Ninja Festa.

Recently, there have been ninja festivals in Japan (typically Mie Prefecture, traditionally a hotbed of ninja activity, but earlier this year there was one in Osaka).
What do you do at ninja festival? 

Here is a look at past festivals.

Do you see any ninjas?  Exactly.  These guys are good.

So there are food stalls, but that is not at all everything to see...

There are ninja friends to be made...

And even ninja god damned marching bands!

Japan, you are the best place ever.

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