Friday, November 20, 2015

These Tap Dancing Birds Will Make Your Relationship Pale In Comparison

This is it; we will never be capable of real romance again.

The blue-capped cordon bleu is not a delicious sort of sandwich, but a three-inch finch native to Ethiopia, has both the most irritating and the most charming mating rituals on the face of the Earth. The bird, scientists recently discovered, performs a sort of “tap dance” to catch a girl — a behavior that they only discovered after slowing down footage of the birds to a crawl. Showing once again, one of the many reasons ladies (and gentlemen) love someone like Usher, he's got those moves.

Ladies love dance moves ya'll.

The study, published Thursday in Scientific Reports by scientists at Hokkaido University, recorded the birds achieving miraculous athletic feats. Some of them could get in 200 steps from five seconds to over a minute, according to the Guardian. What’s more, this is an equal-opportunity relationship: the females dance right back.

Fellas love dance moves too y'all.

And best of all, the entire thing is done while grasping a tiny stick in their beaks. It is a better show of romance than any of us could ever attempt. Well, perhaps except for one, a handsome cad who also holds a stick when he dances.

Usher Raymond is a wonderful dude, but to be honest I have never seen him dance with a log in his mouth.

Point to the animal kingdom.  (Still love you though Mr. Raymond.)

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