Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Ugliest Characters of Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is out, and that means that many Wastelanders are embarking on their next huge Bethesda Game Works RPG, a massive open world of apocalyptic goodness that only they can provide.

However, before one begins their adventure, they must start with one step.  In a Bethesda RPG that can only mean one thing: Character Creation.  That's right, the hours you spend to meticulously create your video game avatar's stunning looks, only to put a full helmet on them and never see their face again.

Some people make the character look like themselves, some choose to just run with the default, and some people, those special people out there, try to really do something insane. 

The character creation system in Fallout 4 sure is robust. There are seemingly endless options. But there’s one thing it’s especially good at: making unsightly characters.

Kill me!

No wonder some players are trying to make the most repugnant characters imaginable. So far, the rogues gallery is impressively hideous.

Horrifying?  No. Goofy as fuck? Yes.

The themes here are excellent.
Oh sweet Jesus!

Of course, you can make beautiful characters, too, but what fun is that? (A lot, actually.)

Fallout 4 is for the next few hundred hours of my life, where I will be if you need me.

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