Monday, November 16, 2015

One Man's Cure For Embarrassing Selfies Is Both Perfect And Nightmarish

One Japanese man has a problem that we all do.  He wants to take selfies (after all it is 2015) but, like all regular people, is embarrassed to use one of those damn selfie sticks out in the real world.

So he came up with an idea...

Nothing to see here, just a man with some long arms enjoying a nice selfie...

Who cares if the result is even more embarrassing. Not this guy!

Over on Japanese comedy site Omocoro, a fellow who goes by “Mansooon” said that he found selfie sticks embarrassing because when you use them, other people know you are using a selfie stick. 

Then, there’s the fact that some hatefolks who use selfie sticks.
So, to overcome this, Mansooon came up with this.

Enjoy all your nightmares this evening!
It's a selfie arm!  Isn't it the coolest?  And so subtle.  No embarrassing things going on here, just a man with very long arms walking down the street.

What's that you say?  My hands look like they are made of plastic?  Well, that's just my horrible curse that an evil magician bestowed upon me, no need to talk about it any longer.

Never change Japan.  Don't you ever go changin'.

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