Thursday, November 5, 2015

No Bono Needed As You Watch The U-2 Spy Plane Do It's Thing

The U-2 is one of the coolest planes ever built.  It basically goes to space, and can then take crystal clear pictures of earth, while in space.  It's the kind of technology dreams are made of.

No, not The Edge.  We are flying on the edge.

Getting inside the cockpit and seeing the flight of a U-2 spy plane is so damn cool. Not only because it’s such a gorgeous looking plane—it’s basically a glider with an engine attached that can take it to the stratosphere—but because it’s also such a delicate one too. We get to see it take off and do the tenuous dance of landing and see the space suit-like suit the pilot wears and the limited field of vision inside the plane and so much more.

So cool.

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