Sunday, November 1, 2015

FUNDAY: Spooked You Good

Gotcha Internet!  Oh man, you should see your face!

Okay, I know it's a day past Halloween, but Funday comes when it comes.  You can't help that, and the spooking must be done regardless. Besides, what's more scary and unexpected than the scares that come after Halloween.  So...

Gotcha again! Come on Internet, get it together.


Curren$y f/August Alsina and Lil' Wayne

Nothing here but a banger.  Even if you don't enjoy Alsina, and Wayne's near decade of coasting is on your nerves, you have to admit that Currensy is one of the most consistent dudes out there.  Also, playing spin the bottle where you drink a shot each time is a great idea.

Travis Scott f/Kanye West

Despite what your 17 year old sister might tell you, Travis Scott is almost devoid of any actual talent.  Good thing for him that he knows Kanye West, who despite what your 54 year old racist uncle might tell you, is very talented. Trav has at least the sense to enlist Yeezus here for a song from his album, which is really just a Kanye song.  No complaints here. 


Guess what everyone?  One of the world's most popular experimental artists just made a new Pop song, and you know what?  It's just as good as all of her other music.  Grimes has never made it a secret that she is in one way like most of us, she loves a good popular music song.  Now she is making her own.  Don't worry though, the video is still the old Grimes we all love as well. 

The 1975

This video is, in case you didn't realize, supposed to be satire.  Not very clever satire, or subtle mind you, but this band of pretty boys has never been accused of being too clever or subtle before.  However, they do make the kind of INXS in the new millennium music that forgives any misgivings they may make on film.


All hail the rise of the damaged, Harmony Korine-looking Scandinavian K-pop video.


That's it.

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