Sunday, November 8, 2015

FUNDAY: Holiday Style

Wake up world, because it is time for a celebration.  It's November (my birthday month) which means it is one month until Christmas and a few weeks until Thanksgiving.  This is the good part of the year.  The part where it may be cold, but you don't care because you are drowning in warm turkey and mashed potatoes.

Enjoy yourselves will ya?


Riff Raff

It's November and there is a new Riff Raff album.  Christmas has come early y'all.  Also, of course he has the Jabbawokeez in his video because of course he does.  I am so happy right now.

Justin Bieber

Speaking of great things in 2015...the Biebs continues his wildly successful campaign to make you like him again by putting out the most introspective slappers of the year.  So far 3 songs have been released off of his upcoming Nov. 13th album, and he is 3 for 3 on straight BANGERZ.  This one is the newest, and the most deeply apologetic for all the wild shit JB has been getting into the past couple years.  It's cool Justin, we forgive you, just keep working with Skrillex and giving us stuff like this.

Sticky Drama

This is, in every sense of the term, in all ways possible fucking sick.  Both disgusting and awesome, repulsive and lovely.  It's the electronic version of death metal, and it is the best.

Frankie Cosmos

Do you like to chill?  Do you like to chill but also have a killer groove while you sit on the couch? The kind that doesn't interrupt your comfortable slouch, but just makes you wiggle whilst still maintaining maximum relaxation. Yes?  Well, then lemme lay a little song on you right now...

Becky G

Dr. Luke’s protege might never be an A-list pop star, but Luke keeps feeding her all these low-key jams, and yeah, I do kind of love it.


Just when you think she is about to go pop on us...


That's it. Eat and grow fat.

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