Sunday, November 22, 2015

FUNDAY: Back Up In It

Don't you worry y'all, Funday took a week sabbatical, but only because it was my birthday.

We back in the saddle folks, and we back for good.

So I won't waste your time with and intro, let's just get into it shall we?  There are two weeks worth of bangerz here, and there is no time for me to try and be funny.


Missy Elliot

Thank you for coming back Missy.  We all needed you so much.

Fetty Wap

Fetty, see the above sentiment expressed about Missy.  Don't you ever leave us.


The best post-apocalyptic fiction is the stuff that allows us to imagine survivors having fun in the ashes of a bygone civilization. All the apocalyptic stuff is implied here, but the gas-masks get the point across well enough. And when is boogie-boarding anything less than fun?

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Here’s something fun to think about: Even if you’re head-over-heels in love with someone, you can never truly know them on the deepest level because other people are always mysteries. Here’s a silly cartoon video to illustrate that point.

Justin Bieber f/Travis Scott

Biebs continues his assault to (despite your every wish) make you love his music secretly, and then (inevitably) publicly when you admit it to your friend.  Only to be surprised that they feel exactly the same too.  It happened with Timberlake, and mark my words, it's going to happen again.  Also, this group of dancers is on their second JB video now, and should just probably be in every other music video forever.


See you next week Internet.  Feels good to be back.

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