Monday, November 2, 2015

Filmmakers Don't Need Nintendo To Make Awesome Metroid Thing

Nintendo may not at the moment seemed too jazzed about Metroid, but here's the cool thing about the Internet: You don't need Nintendo these days to make something cool in the world of Samus.  Like some very talented fans just demonstrated.

This gif is better than the entirety of the last Metroid game.

Metroid: The Sky Calls is an 11-minute, fan-made short film that shows Samus having a very bad day at the office. It is—relative to the scope and budget—pretty damn good.

It’s made by Rainfall Productions, the same team behind that cool Wonder Woman fan short from a few years back, and stars Nerdist’s Jessica Chobot as Samus.

I like how more and more fan shorts—except for the truly exceptional ones—these days are smart enough to work within the limitations of their budget, and write (and frame their shots) accordingly.

Check it out:

Suffice to say, this is not an official Nintendo joint:

This non-profit film is not associated with or endorsed by Nintendo or its subsidiaries.

It's cool Nintendo, we know you don't and cannot support this thing, but maybe perhaps keep your collective eyes open?  People still love Metroid...and they are waiting...   More women and girls do and continue to play video games than ever before, and given the distinct lack of women heroes...maybe you should bring one of the ultimate ones back...

(Just saying.)

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