Wednesday, October 21, 2015

YouTube Is Getting Paid Subscriptions

Today, YouTube announced a premium subscription service that will allow users to pay a fee—$10/month—to watch videos without ads.  A sentence that everyone who reads will laugh, continue to use their AdBlock software, and carry on with their lives exactly the same.

Remember, it is YouTube Red, not Red Tube...that's...something else...

They’ve titled it YouTube Red—which may remind people of a certain not-safe-for-work website with a similar name—and they say the service will launch this month across the United States. 

In addition to stripping out ads, the service will also let you save videos to play offline on your phone. YouTube also says they plan to launch a series of shows that are exclusive to this service, featuring the likes of PewDiePie and other big video stars. (More info here.)

Does it sound like HD audio, or Tidal?  Or Apple Music? Um....

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