Saturday, October 10, 2015

Your Must-Have Halloween Spooky Machine Is Here

It's about Halloween right?  And you need something new and exciting to spook all those house guests you'll be having for your various costume/naughty costume parties right?  

Well here is what you do:  Go into your kitchen.  Pick up your refrigerator (it's cool, you have been doing Cross Fit, you can handle it.) Throw that shit right out the window.   Because you need a new fridge.  A spooky one.

Bonus Feature: Will probably also help you lose weight!

Replace the fridge at home with Roy Mueller’s zombie containment unit and you’ll scare off pretty much everyone.

It’s a nice combination of various effects and it really looks like an actual zombie’s trying to escape from its chamber.

So get one.  Spook some folk already!

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