Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thirsty Leopard Gets Stuck In Pot

Sometimes curiosity kills the cat, but sometimes it just gets the cat’s head stuck in a steel pot.

Now 75% less dangerous!

On Wednesday, a leopard—usually a stealthy creature—got thirsty, not in the sense that the kids use it these days, but actually needing water, and went looking for water in the village of Sadulkhera, in India’s western Rajsamand district. There, NDTV reports, he got his head stuck in a pot.

Villagers said they became aware of the leopard—usually a stealthy creature—as he ran around trying to get the pot off his head. Presumably making some sort of hilarious cartoon sound effects. Villagers speculated that the leopard had come from the Kumbhalgarh sanctuary, 12 miles away.

Eventually, forest officials arrived to tranquilize the creature and remove the pot.  But not before taking some hilarious videos!

“The male leopard is about three years old. He is being kept under observation. He has been checked by vets and seems to be fine,” District Forest Officer of the Udaipur range, Kapil Sharma, told NDTV. “He will be released in the forest later.”

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