Tuesday, October 6, 2015

There Are Japanese Selfie Vending Machines Now

But is it really a selfie if you cannot hold the vending machine in your hand? Maybe you can!

Oh boy.

IT Media reports that Kirin Beverage is rolling out a “selfie” (自撮り or jidori) vending machine in Japan. A collaboration with the popular social network Line, the vending machine has a large LCD display and is outfitted with a camera.

According to Sankei News, buy a drink and take a pic, free of charge. These “vendor photos” offer Line users special frames and backgrounds. Even if the Japanese media says these photos are “selfies,” the set-up seems closer to a sticker picture booth.

Starting this month, these vending machines will begin spreading across Japan. The vending machines will even have English, Chinese, and Korean language options.

*sigh* Go ahead and bring these to America. *sigh* There's millions to be made.

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