Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tens of Thousands Are Watching Bob Ross Paint Right Now

Oh Lord Internet, you have blessed us all again.  Blessed us with almost limitless happy trees.  

Bob Ross is in the building.

There’s something really awesome about seeing people react in real time to brush strokes on canvas. It’s like every single thing Bob Ross does, no matter how gentle and delicate, is as big as a major play in the World Series.

Confused? Well, Twitch just launched a new initiative, which happens to be called ‘Twitch Creative.’  Basically an avenue for cool people to officially do what they already were online. It’s where people can go to watch others do crafty stuff, like paint or cosplay prep. You can read more about that here. 

To celebrate that launch, Twitch is holding an 8-day marathon of every single Bob Ross episode.
 It's pretty incredible, and not just in the "lol this is the internet and everything is ironically funny."  Bob Ross has been remembered not just for the memes y'all, it just so happens that not only is he a talented artist with a flair for niceties and "bobisms" (cue the happy trees, clouds, etc.) He is also just a real cool dude that has perhaps the most relaxing show to ever appear on public television.

You can go watch him do his thing here, if only for the chat's reactions.  

And a happy tree to us all! 

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