Monday, October 19, 2015

Star Wars Video Game Trailer Will Crush You With Nostalgia

We are ending the month of October, and this particular October that signifies one thing: we are on the precipice, beginning the deep dive into Star Wars Season. Star Wars Season, that time of a year that may only come once or twice (if you're lucky) in a lifetime.

The season that we can all come together, and feel the wonder that we had as children one more time.
So it's only fitting that to begin this wonderful time of the year, an advertisement comes along that can truly make you feel like a child, by absolutely crushing you with nostalgia...

Star Wars: Battlefront is a revival to a beloved series of games that is set to herald the Star Wars Season on November 17th.  One month and one day later we will all be allowed to see this:

Didn't think I would forget about the new trailer did you?  I need to go lie down.

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