Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Deus Ex Trailer Is All Dour Fighting Robot People

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the kind of sci-fi I can really get behind.  Well, I can get behind most sci-fi, but especially am in when it takes place in some sort of urban dystopia.  To be clear, the world introduced in 2012's Deus Ex: Human Revolution is just that.  It is a world where augmented humans find themselves persecuted, and you as an unwilling cyborg protagonist are caught up in the struggle.

It's dour, it's dirty, and it's back again in this sequel where no matter how things shake out, somebody is getting wrecked by some weapons grade robotic bionic weaponry. 

Adam Jensen is an augmented operative chasing the threads of a worldwide conspiracy. People may hate augmentations, but this latest trailer for the November 23 game shows that they can be pretty useful.

The trailer not only touches on how people with augmentations are shunned in the world, but how Jensen is seen by his own counter-terrorism unit. Plus, you can get a look at his Titan shield, the nanoblade, and a new gun-arm augmentation – The Tesla. The first (reboot) game in this new series was a particular delight, and the sequel looks like it is shaping up to be something cool.

Check it out:

Robot arms.

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