Friday, October 23, 2015

Marvel and Neflix Are Back Together With Jessica Jones

Here’s our most in-depth look yet at the next Marvel Comics superhero show from Netflix. Watching it, you can see Jessica Jones that has been through hell. And it looks like creepy villain Killgrave is going to send her right back.

I never approved this giant picture of my face!

In true noir detective style, the two-minute clip is narrated in the first person, with snippets of a conversation between the title character and Luke Cage. You don’t see much of David Tennant’s take on Killgrave/The Purple Man but you feel the menace and trauma left in his wake. This trailer makes it seem like the series—which debuts on November 20—will be presenting a wounded but tough heroine operating on the fringes of the Marvel Universe, just like the Aliascomic-book series where she sprang form.

Check it out:

Marvel is moving full speed ahead with their partnership with the streaming giant, and after the success of Daredevil, they look to be continuing the trend with this new entry.  Comics y'all, they are everywhere.

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