Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Is Drake Self-aware?

Last night Drake dropped *DJ Khaled voice* "another one" on us. That's right, the biggest musician in the world hit us with the video to his now estimated 1034th massive hit "Hotline Bling." Which if you have not seen go ahead and scroll down and watch right now. It is something else.   And now, like the Internet do, it is time to ask some questions.

Like mainly: Does Drake know what he is doing?

(I mean, he knows he is dancing but does he know what kind of dancing he is doing?)

Or more plainly: Is Drake self-aware?

Let's ponder together.

Self-aware or not, Drizzy just helped many people find a clever Halloween costume idea.

Here's the thing about Drizzy Drake, and it is a truth that has had merit ever since he got up out of that wheelchair on Degrassi and sang/rapped his way into our hearts and souls around 7 years ago. Drake is pretty much the living embodiment of the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle Commando

 He’s so over-the-top, so ridiculously dorky that he has to realize what he’s doing. And yet, self-awareness is a rare commodity—even when your self is a commodity—that it’s impossible to say for sure where intention rules and uncontrollable, ridiculous-looking expression supersedes. The great thing about Commando isn’t that it’s so bad it’s good, it’s that it’s so outrageous it’s practically unbelievable and yet it still exists. So is Drake at his most entertaining.

And so it was a particular delight when the video for his smash “Hotline Bling” dropped last night and featured the rapper-singer bopping with such dopey abandon that countless people on Twitter compared his dancing to that of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s Carlton. A knee-jerk reaction that is not without merit, and also happens to be hilarious

So, is Drake a dork?  Does he realize that no matter how cool the white floating stairs room is that you still look like a dork if you are dancing like my 6-year-old brother did at a family wedding 19 years ago?  Or is he in on the joke?

Gawker's Rich Juzwiak puts it perfectly for us all:

In the absence of a music journalist with access to him and the courage to ask him about this, we may never have a definitive answer. I don’t want one, either. I would much rather luxuriate in these margins of dubious intention and watch the spirited conversations they inspire. How refreshing it is to not be spoon-fed by mainstream culture, to have someone who repeatedly (dating back at least to his “Best I Ever Had” video with its artificial set and Drake’s wild gesticulation) sparks the internal debate of “What exactly am I looking at?” just by showing up. In a low-key way that is divorced from its queer context, Drake brings to the fold a sensibility that resembles camp insofar as the multiple levels it seems to exist on and the ensuing untangling he provokes his audience to engage in.

Feel free to watch the video 100 more times and form your own opinion.

Is Drake a dork?  Yes.  Is he totally in on being a dork?

Does it matter? Especially when he continues to make music like this wonderful joyous earwig?  Not one bit.

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