Sunday, October 11, 2015

FUNDAY: We Need A Hero

Alright everybody.  This Funday we wanted to do something different.  We wanted to show you that after all these entries, all these Fundays past, we are still here for you.  We are gonna keep being here for your beginning to your work week, to help start you off right.  To tackle these next seven days the right way.

You could even say, that we would gladly be your hero...

I have no idea if I have made that joke before or not.  What I am saying here is that I have done a bunch of these.


Lil Nardy

Nardy is from Mobile, Alabama, and that’s really all I know about him. But as long as he’s making tense, grizzled, cathartic Southern underground rap like this, I don’t really need to know any more.

Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney

Well, cannot say I expected this.  That said, it seems very unfair that I cannot jump into and live inside this video


Making a DIY music video that has the same look and feel of early MTV era stuff is not easy to do.  When you can pull it off, it's always gonna be special.  This one does it.  Big time.  Hats off.  Way, way off.

Will Butler

Emma Stone has been nominated for Oscars before.  Without discounting any of her past work, she is better in this than anything else she has ever done.

Meow The Jewels

Scientists of the world: Take this as a warning. Please do not genetically engineer any giant cats with death-ray eyebeams. Because they will absolutely do all of this. Also, the best rap group going right now just remade their entire first classic album with only cat sounds for beats.  It's 2015 and a wonderful time to be alive.


Now get on out there and just do what Johnny 5 would do, you'll be fine.

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