Sunday, October 18, 2015

FUNDAY: Just So Tired of (Waiting For) All These Star Wars




It's happening folks...


You enjoy your Funday.  I am gonna just alternate staring at this poster and my calendar for the next few days.

I don't even care that even movie posters can spoil movies for you now.  (Thanks Star Wars, but I didn't know that John Boyega was gonna be a Jedi, but now I do.) This thing is fucking sick.

Also, if you got my joke in the title, you are real cool to me.


Please music.  I am begging you.  Please bring back Britpop in a big way.  Or even just in a little way.  One adult who discovered music in the early 90's beseeches you to do so.


Scandinavian punk band never sounds like a bad idea.

The Big Moon

All female British garage band.  That combination of words, much like those of the previous entry above, excite me in all my tender places.  

Nick Jonas

So now we have had Nick Jonas doing a Justin Timberlake, Miguel, Weeknd, and now he is doing his best Future?!  And it is actually more than okay?!  What a time to be alive.


So many indie rock videos resort to the same tired-ass tricks: Stock-footage montages, blurry deep-woods photography, drawn-out breakup stories. Meanwhile, Columbus punk Zac Little put some thought into making something that people might actually want towatch and so he gives us masked wildmen firing Roman candles out of SUV windows. That’ll do!


See you in the Stars.  And by that I mean the movie theaters very soon.  Also, see you next week.

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