Sunday, October 4, 2015

FUNDAY: Every Little Thing Will Be Alright

America, we have had a rough week.  So here, we all need this:

I feel the same way pal, except way less fluffy.

Just remember, Bob Marley said it so it's true.  Everything, even the little stuff, will eventually be alright.



Erick Sermon f/Redman & Method Man

Yes. Yes!  Yessss!  YESSSSS! YEEEEESSSSS!  Three New York LEGENDS doing their thing over the most smooth old school NYC style production.  This is the kind of stuff that never fails to put a smile on my face.  I mean Sermon is talking about cooking and doing homework with his children, and Meth is dropping mad Biggie metaphors. Redman shitting on your flip-flops you are wearing. Just so joyous.


Mark my words Internet.  He is coming.  He is coming for the big times.

Jamie xx f/ Young Thug & Popcaan 

The world's most unlikely, but perfect team-up song now has a video.  Is it too late for another song of the summer?


Your honor, for the record I would like to submit exhibit 15,388.  Sonic proof that Migos is the most fun to be had in rap music currently.  Just try to tell me that after half of this song, you aren't screaming out "Forest Whitaker!" in perfect sync. I won't believe you, because you are clearly lying to me.


Rejoice all ye who enter, because Halloween music video season is upon us all.

Disclosure ft. Lorde

As an admitted Lorde age truther, I never have been a big fan. (If she really is a teenager, then why does the guy in this video look like he's about 40?! Answer me that internet!)  However, leave it to Disclosure to work their magic and make me thoroughly on board with the Lorde.  All hail.


See you next week you fluffy babies.

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