Sunday, October 25, 2015

FUNDAY: Drake Dance Like Nobody's Watching

In your life, you are going to have some trials, at least a little bit of tribulation.  It's just inevitable, nobody lives a life of pure happiness.  Some would argue that you even need those moments of sadness to make the enjoyable times feel much better.  But one thing is for sure, in a life worth living, you need to have fun, people.

You need to get out there, do what you want, make your moves, enjoy your hobbies.  Think about all those stupid placards your mother hangs around her house.  Those "Live, Laugh, Love" cliches, are awful but true.  You need to live, laugh, love, and remember to "dance like nobody's watching," or if you will take a millennial spin on things always remember to "Drake dance like nobody's watching, especially when they are by the millions."

You might even become an Internet meme!

Guaranteed, if you bust these moves in public with some frequency, you will probably have a pretty good life.



I am convinced that the key to nirvana, and total life happiness lies in the act of repeated viewings of this music video.  I am already up to a few hundred, so come on and catch up.


I will continue to tell you, this young man is one song away from your radio station.  He is gonna be the next big thing.

Project Pat

Looking forward to the days when Project Pat, while simultaneously enjoying his long life, continues to put out straight bangers well into his 80's.  I will hopefully be entering into my nursing home blasting some Tennessee trap out of my boombox on top of my wheelchair.

Justin Bieber

All Bieber ever needed to slide back into everyone's hearts was to make a great album.  He is well onto his way to making something that will transition him from that adolescent scumbag to your new generation Timberlake.


When I die, bury me inside a Madlib beat.

Merchandise f/Dum Dum Girls

Spooky Halloween songs just in time!


Get on out there and become the subject of various funny memes you crazy kids!  See you next week.

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