Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Army of Darkness Would Have Made A Rad Nintendo Game

The setting and the story of the third Evil Dead movie would have been perfect for a Metroidvania game. Something similar to the first Castlevania. We never had one, so CineFix imagined how it’d look. Nintendo is cool, Ash and the Evil Dead series is beloved and also a fun time.  So it is surprising that the two never came together in that era.

Turns out, like all of these, it would look pretty cool. Good enough to once again give myself an existential crisis over why these things never existed. 

Why do I torture myself by wanting things that can never be?

The biting Necronomicon would have been a tough boss fight, that’s for sure. And instead of a whip, Ash would have destroyed all the undead with his boomstick and his chainsaw arm.

Again I ask: Why was this not a thing?

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