Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Why Aren't These Video Games

Since I just cannot for the life of me figure this out, I must pose the question to you Internet: Why aren't all of these art pictures video games by now?

These pics, by artist Gustavo Viselner, are homages to classic films. And they’re good ones at that. But to me, they’re teases of great games that could have been, but never were.

OK, so the excellent Alien 3 and Aliens vs Predator came close to that Ripley one, but I’m imagining these as adventure games, not action titles. Except for Forrest Gump, that could be an (forgive me) endless runner (I’m sorry).

I mean, in 1992 we got a Star Trek game that featured the original voice actors...can you imagine if Lucasarts had managed to do the same for Star Wars? You probably can’t, because every time you try there’s just a blinding white light.

That said...development continues on Han Solo Adventures, so there’s always hope...just imagine though, a The Good, The Bad & The Ugly game...incredible.

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