Friday, September 11, 2015

There Are Now Sega Shoes And They Are So Rad

Video games are RAD.  Sneakers are RAD.  When the two come together though, the results can be ultra lame, (looking at you Mario).  However, not this time, because one of the most iconic companies of all time has licensed their consoles out for something truly special.

Japanese sneaker brand ANIPPON has created sneakers based on the iconic Sega consoles, the Dreamcast, the Sega Saturn, and the Mega Drive (aka Sega Genesis). This is so neat. But the boxes they come in might just be way neater.

For example, here are the Mega Drive shoes, and their box:

Here are the Saturn shoes, and their box:

And finally the beautiful, the wonderful, the magical Dreamcast shoes and their box which like everything Dreamcast, is THE BEST:

Each pair is 7,500 yen (US$62). Website Inside Games reports that they’ll even be on sale at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Well either I am going to Japan in a few days, or I will cry myself to sleep at night until I can get my hands on a pair of Dreamcast slip-ons.  I will never wear them, just time-to-time bring that wonderful box out of the closet and lovingly look upon them inside it.


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