Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The End Of An Era And It's Getting Emotional In Here

It starts slow, and feels a little self-indulgent. But this Metal Gear Solid V debriefing ends with as something of a genuine tear-jerker. Sorta like the games themselves. (Just kidding, the games are great.)

It’s funny as I was watching this I felt a little frustrated. This 10 minute video was essentially a montage of people telling Hideo Kojima how great he was, interspersed with a few interesting quote from Kojima himself. But it ends with a visit to a family of a long-time Metal Gear Solid fan and suddenly you get a sense of real humility.

You see, in case you didn't know, all signs point to this being the last Kojima Metal Gear game.  With the case of Konami's business plans for the future, it could very well be the last Metal Gear game ever.

This is a major thing to someone who has literally grown up enjoying this series for the past 28 years.  Someone who counts it their favorite series out of all media.  Someone like me.

It was a wonderfully crazy ride while it lasted.

Thanks Kojima-san.

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