Thursday, September 24, 2015

Superfreak Rick James Impersonator Robs Bank

Rick James once told the New York Times that he had “always been a free spirit, and always gotten what [he] wanted.”

In honor of the late musician’s approach to life, one devoted fan is getting what he wants: lots and lots of cash, stuffed into a bag in wads. A man in Indiana has been showing up to banks dressed as Rick James, demanding money, and then bustin’ out of there.

He slapped every single employee.

In a beaded wig and dark sunglasses, he and his accomplice, who, get ready here, was dressed as Youngblood Priest from 1970s movie Super Fly, fled from Advance America bank in Indiana with an unknown amount of money, according to RTV6.

Police also suspect that the two men robbed the nearby Indiana Members Credit Union the following day. The impostor remains on the run, so no one knows if he’s using the money in the same manner that the real Rick James would have. Which to be clear, would be on crack.  Or drugs.  Some sort of drugs.

Don't ever get arrested you two, you are just too cool to go to prison.

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