Thursday, September 3, 2015

Straw Sculptures Come To Fruition In Japanese Fields

It’s September. In Japan that means rice is being harvested across the country. It also means straw art.

After the grains are harvested, rice straw (“wara” in Japanese) is left behind. In Niigata Prefecture, however, locals have been turning that rice straw into art with a yearly Wara Art Festival.

And if you are gonna do some straw art, then you are gonna do one thing: Make dinosaurs.


Bringing these giant beasts, not all of which are dinosaurs, to life is not easy! The sculptures are made by intricately weaving and braiding  the straw onto prebuilt wooden frames.  It is the kind of craftsmanship that makes the result even more impressive.

Especially in this unhappy crab:

The worst life is to be a crab so far from water.

How did they make him so grumpy?

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