Monday, September 28, 2015

Someone Vomited The Internet All Over Dark Souls

Yes. This is a mod of Dark Souls 2 where almost every single texture has been replaced by some sort of internet ‘meme’. It’s horrific...and yet, beautiful.  In the, I never want to engage with the Internet again type of way.

The real Dark Souls starts here...

It looks like someone ate the internet and then vomited over a video game. It looks like a Geocities website. It looks like your most hated friend's Facebook page. This is the best argument for banning mods forever.

I can honestly say, without hyperbole, this is the worst thing ever made. By anyone. I don’t know if my eyeballs will ever recover from this atrocity. But yet, perfect for Dark Souls, a game that is meant to be punishing, but not on your eyes at least...until now.

Then on the other hand,  it’s Dark Souls 2. Couldn’t they have done this to… I don’t know. Another game? A worse game? Actually, never mind, no game deserves this. Or every game does. I am honestly not sure.

It was made by Krisis18z. His Twitch stream is here.

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