Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Run The Jewels Slay Colbert Show With Special Guests

What’s better than booking Run The Jewels or TV On The Radio for a late night musical spot? Booking both, apparently. Killer Mike and El-P were backed by the guys from TV On The Radio for an energetic performance of “Angel Duster,” the final track from Run The Jewels 2. One thing this proves, above anything else, is that Stephen Colbert and the folks behind his show have an eclectic taste in music.

To this point, we’ve seen Toby Keith, an all-star jam session with Buddy Guy and Mavis Staples,Kendrick Lamar’s damn near legendary performance, and now Run The Jewels teaming up with one of the better rock acts in recent memory.

It’s keeping a tradition alive from Letterman, seeing acts that the host enjoys ride through and own the stage. The same thing got us an album compilation of Late Show performances during the Letterman era, could we see the same with Colbert? It’s possible at this rate (but also a little early to be tossing the crown on his head).

One thing is for sure, he is off to a stellar start.

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