Monday, September 21, 2015

Rock And/Or Roll Around Playing Games With This Awesome Game Boy Guitar

Hello person out there.  Do you have an undying urge to rock, but are very concerned with being to play video games everywhere you in fact, do your rocking?  Well...

Say hello to the Guitar Boy! An amazing custom working guitar designed to look like an original Game Boy. Built by BitFixGaming's Fibbef for a build-off competition, the guitar also plays classic games.

Check this fucking thing out:


It runs on a Raspberry Pi, sporting a 5-inch LCD display. An audio selector determines if the sound comes from the guitar or the Game Boy. Add in some distortion and "wah-wah" settings and it sounds rockin.'

It has all the buttons you'd expect, including the D-pad, Start and Select, and A and B. The A and B buttons also double as nobs that control volume and tone. More details about the amazing guitar and how it was made are available on the BitFixGaming forums.

I feel like here is the part where I mention that in Japan, MegaMan is known as Rock Man, and his female companion robot is known as Roll. MegaMan is definitely on the Game Boy.  There is a great joke in there somewhere.

Keep on rockin', and also playing Tetris.

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