Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ridley Scott Just Dropped Some Blade Runner 2 Knowledge

So the upcoming sequel to Prometheus isn’t the only thing Ridley Scott is teasing during his promotional tour for his newest sci-fi vehicle, The Martian. While Scott is calling back to Alien with that sequel, he’s also reaching back to the past with his sequel to the sci-fi classic Blade Runner. 

He took a moment to chat with Yahoo and dropped more than a few little tidbits about the next adventure for Deckard and his replicant pals, starting with how the time shift will play out on the screen and work in Harrison Ford’s age. Although he neglected to mention why he is doing this?  Or if he ever thought it might be a bad idea? Obviously there will be spoilers below, so beware:
When he was asked when the film will be set, Scott offered bluntly, “It was 2017, so coming back it’ll be 2047, roughly,” while adding praise for Ryan Gosling, who will co-star with Harrison Ford and carry the franchise going forward. “As young as you can play Ryan Gosling. He’s 34, but he looks 27 when he’s doing his push-ups. So maybe 2050.”

Ryan Gosling taking over the lead role seems to be hinting at a new sequel or series of sequels, keeping folks in business and keeping fans discussing the quality of said business. Which, as a fan of the phenomenon that is Gosling (Drive being my favorite movie) this sounds great.  

Somebody get this man a trench coat, and one of those cool guns we have!

One bit of news that perhaps most might not realize is that despite his insistence on making this sequel, Scott won’t be directing it himself, giving the director’s chair to Denis Villeneuve (Sicario / Prisoners). Although, that doesn’t mean he’s out of the loop when it comes to the story and final cut:

“I mean, I always have final cut on everything, really. Partly because I’m very user-friendly. I always believe when you’re given X amount of money by someone to f**k around with and make a movie, you can’t draw lines in the sand. If I was an investor and you did that to me, I’d remove your ankles. So don’t do the auteur s**t. I respect the guy for giving the money and I respect the studio for saying, ‘Yeah, you want to do this, here we go.’”

And  continuing on his dump of information, he even dropped a bit of a spoiler during the entire thing (though, it might not be much of a spoiler if you’ve believed him all these years). And by little, I mean perhaps one of the most argued over pieces of movie lore ever. So here we go, decades old Blade Runner spoilers here:

It would seem that Deckard is firmly in the replicant camp now:

“Of course he’s a bloody Replicant! He’s going to have to admit it.”

I’m sure Ford would care if he was a little bit younger. Nowadays, I just get the feeling that he’s more worried about collecting a nice payday and doing good work. Kill him, shoot him, throw him down a well, or make him some sort of damn synthetic being. It’s all good as long as he’s getting paid. Just taking that off his recent string of work.

Is Ford too damn old to ever look like a synthetic person?  Is Ridley Scott too old to still be making movies?  Is all of this as bad of an idea as it sounds?  

We are gonna find out y'all.

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