Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pizza Rat Understands Me

Despite every attempt to by Tarantino to change our minds, rats rarely bring us joy.  Well, until today...so let’s take the opportunity to cherish this wonderful video of a little cheesehound dragging a slice of pizza down the steps of the First Avenue L station in Manhattan.

Never before has an animal represented me so fully.

All I can think about is how clean this rat looks (at least looks that way), who possibly threw away a perfectly good piece of pizza, and how badly this situation gives me an existential crisis.

I feel this little guy.  I identify with him on a level I almost cannot fathom.

I mean in more than one way.  First his love for pizza above all things.  Second, the inevitability that even when you get what you want in life, you will leave it behind if things get too difficult.

Keep on rockin' NYC.  You really are the best city in the world.

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