Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pizza Hut Has Fully Realized A Genuine Pizza Milestone

Remember those days when you had to eat your pizza and breadsticks separately? Remember the anguish you felt having to choose between one or the other because you were trying to make a positive change in your life? Remember how awful life was? No longer!

You see, normally this Popular Culture blog doesn't focus on food, or food technology.  However, a stride in the sector of pizza technology has been made ladies and gentlemen.  It truly is a momentous day.

That's right dreamers, Pizza Hut has heard your cries and has announced that the next addition to their line of already innovative pizzas—stuffed crust, hot dog crust—will feature their breadsticks as the crust. The only way this could be any better is if the crust were made of Round Table’s garlic twists (or their cinnamon twists. That would be good, too).

Here’s what Pizza Hut said about the (delicious) monstrosity they are about to unleash upon the world, via Market Watch:

“We are not afraid to experiment with new and innovative flavor combinations for our food, but sometimes it’s the most obvious innovations that amaze us the most – and Twisted Crust is an example of an innovation that has done just that,” said Jared Drinkwater, vice president of marketing, Pizza Hut. “We know America loves our pizza, but we have enormous, loyal group of Pizza Hut breadstick lovers out there, too. We believe our new Twisted Crust Pizza is the ultimate flavor combination of these two popular items that consumers will absolutely love.”

Just. Look. At. This. Thing.

It's beautiful, and it made me realize I should probably follow Pizza Hut on Twitter, its clearly the MIT of the cutting edge pizza world.

I want it already. And right now. And also I wonder if Pizza Hut hires outside help when it comes to tasting new pizza ideas, because that’s a job many of us would likely apply for.  Or volunteer for. If you need me, I'll be wearing a pizza stained lab coat deep inside the underground bunker of the Pizza Hut Skunk Works.  Don't bother calling, they don't get much service down there.  Just email me.

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