Friday, September 4, 2015

Nobody Wants To See Zac Efron's Movie

Zac Efron’s EDM drama We Are Your Friends became instantly legendary when it opened with some of the worst numbers ever for a wide release last weekend (it did just $1.8 million in 2,333 theaters). It joins an elite group of movies best known for their ability to repel audiences. So to celebrate the fact that Efron seems like a totally nice guy who nobody cares to see on a movie screen, (unless he is with Seth Rogen) let's celebrate some more movie failures!

Whether Hollywood is trying to ride a wave of publicity (Gigli), or just trying to make a ridiculous science-fiction flick starring Eddie Murphy (Pluto Nash), sometimes there are tons of talented people who really shit the bed.  Or the screen if you will. Six more box-office disasters are explored in the video below.


Don't worry Mr. Efron, at least now you are in the same category as Eddie Murphy and Ben Affleck!  And besides that, your career isn't over.  Ben Affleck made Gigli.  That nearly destroyed him, but now he has an Oscar and is Batman!  And Eddie...well, maybe don't think about Eddie...

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