Friday, September 4, 2015

James Bond Looks Like You Remember In This New Movie Poster

It's 2015 and here I am writing an entire post about a single movie poster.  I have become everything that I hate.

In my defense though, if there ever was a movie poster to single out itself from the hundreds of other movie posters in a sea of marketing sludge, this could be the one.  It is pretty rad after all...

In this November's upcoming Bond film, Spectre, Daniel Craig's reboot Bond will for the first time encounter Bond's classic nefarious underworld Illuminati style villain collective SPECTRE, so it is only fitting that the poster be just as classic in throwback design.

Outside of the classic black tuxedo, this is probably the Bond look that everyone would think of if you held a gun to their head and told them, "Quick, picture what James Bond looks like or I will kill you for some reason!"

It even has a weird skull man in the back who is eerily reminiscent of classic Bond villain Baron Samedi...oh Jesus in Heaven please don't tell me that Baron fucking Samedi is in this because that movie was a Roger Moore movie and thus absolute garbage water!

Sorry, blacked out there for a second.  That skull man is most likely not Baron Samedi, this movie looks cool, don't worry.

Spectre is due out on October 26 in the UK, and will be followed by a worldwide release on November 6. It's a direct sequel to the last three Daniel Craig-starring films, and features Christoph Waltz as the badguy, so at least that part will for sure be awesome.  He might win another Oscar?!

The movie was directed by Sam Mendes, who says he may not return for the inevitable follow-up. A thought that is troubling, considering he managed to reintroduce every old Bond character back into the more modern slick Bond setting of Daniel Craig's character in the last film, while also making it quite possibly the best entry in the entire series....

Anyway, probably go see this one, it will be good (I really hope.)

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