Sunday, September 20, 2015

FUNDAY: Put Things In Perspective

Following is a picture of whale vomit:

Do whales eat rocks?

This vomit, which to be clear, when I use the word "vomit" means barf, throw up, spittle, chunks that have been blown, carries a value of $10,000 per nugget. In fact, the substance, called ambergris, is produced inside sperm whales' bile ducts to protect their digestive lining from things like seashells or squid beaks. (Or, if you prefer Melville's description in Moby Dick, "an essence found in the inglorious bowels of a sick whale.") It's also used as an ingredient in some perfumes to create a "musky" scent. Most perfumers these days use synthetic versions, but some high-end perfumes still use it and it's valuable to have the real deal. Ambergris sells for about $20 per gram. Gold, by comparison, sells for roughly $30 per gram.

Outside of certain parts of the Internet, your vomit would almost always be worth nothing. Puts things in perspective doesn't it?

What I am saying here is you would probably be better of as a whale.  Even if that means you couldn't read this article every week.  You might be able to sell enough vomit that you could buy an underwater computer, that could be operated only by a series of clicks and whistles.

So get on it.  Be the whale.  Become the whale.


Young Thug

The video in which Young Thug makes out with himself, fixes his own car as his mechanic that is also himself, etc.  This is the best.  Weird Atlanta is the best.  Young Thug is really something.


Music fans who like their passion as unbridled as their band-name word counts have been heralding Harmlessness, the latest from emo/post-rock ensemble the World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, as an instant classic. Penultimate track “I Can Be Afraid Of Anything” is the strongest argument for that case, a seven-minute epic that makes overcoming depression sound like art. Like any good post-rock song, the music contains many movements, its peaks and valleys mimicking its narrator’s wild emotional swells.

Jay Rock

Nothing to see here, just four of the best, most talented rappers out there making some great music.  


When you watch a truly bloody hardcore wrestling brawl, you might feel a whole lot of emotions at once: Excitement, admiration, concern, bewilderment, something like pity. In the split-second shot when we see Wavves’ Nathan Williams sitting in the stands, he has all of that on his face.


This kind of shit always happens when Slayer plays the prison yard.  You'd think the warden would know better by now.


See you next week.  You better at the very least have a blowhole by then.  We got bills to pay here.

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