Sunday, September 6, 2015

FUNDAY: Chuck A Pigskin

As of yesterday (with college at least) football is back in America everybody!  That means in one week the elite millionaires of the world will assemble to try and destroy each other's brains over a pigskin, while once again Europeans all over the world ask that terrible snarky question: Why is it called football if you barely use your feet?  (Answer: USA! USA! USA!)

Isn't it wonderful?!

I personally cannot wait for two things:

  1. To begin the inevitable soul crushing season that everyone who lives in the Ohio valley experiences at least twice a year (being a Reds and Bengals fan).  The period where we will have a division winning season, only to see our Quarter Back actually try to play a playoff game with his eyes closed, and go 0-1 in the first round for the 1,383rd year in a row.
  2. To enjoy everyone outside of Boston trying their best to kill a man on a field.

That man is this man:

Even Mother Teresa would punch this face.

Especially in light of recent events, maybe this makes me callous, but if someone sacked him so hard that his head popped off like a champagne cork, I would not lose sleep over seeing that.  Tom Brady is perhaps the greatest player of the era, but boy do people hate that guy a lot.



Unknown Moral Orchestra

Every single time I hear something from, or watch something by this band I tell myself that I need to really check them out, and I never do.  This might change finally.  This is a good thing.

Media Jeweler

What if someone made Toy Story on the lowest budget possible?  This, this is what.

Girl Band

Please put out your album already.  I cannot wait anymore.  If I cannot have a new Kanye or Frank Ocean album, I need something.  Really, help a dude out here.


Wow.  This song is pure dopamine release.  


One of the best R&B/Pop stars that I feel like nobody talks about is back again with another banger.  I love how her dancing is so serious that the police have to shut the streets down to contain it.  Also, this video looks like a Michael Mann movie.  More videos should look like this.


Mark my words.  My current favorite Chicago rapper is so close to blow. He is boiling on the cusp so hard you might need to turn down the stove.  He just released his 3rd project this year, and he is one song away from being huge, due in much part to how he flips the Drill scene that he came up in.  Like for instance this one, where he takes the dark style that invaded some of his friend (and former label mate) Chief Keef's music and makes it effortlessly more memorable and catchy.  I want so bad for this guy to win big, and I really think it is only a matter of time.


See you next Funday for some more football lunacy!

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