Sunday, September 27, 2015

FUNDAY: All Aboard Suckas

Pack your shit and get ready passengers!  This Funday train is pulling into the station with a hot Funday for yo ass.  Or it is pulling out of the station?  Whichever one is conducive to the journey beginning!

A journey that doesn't stop.  So hold on tight, because although I am not sure about which train metaphor to use, two things are certain.  The tunes will be great, and the train will look like this:

Guaranteed to give you either a complete look of surprise or horror every one-way trip.

Choo choo!  Full speed ahead.


Tove Lo

This woman is a pure Pop wonder.

Rae Sremmurd

Plenty of the videos above have lots of smart ideas. But sometimes, smart is no match for gloriously, unapologetically dumb.

Major Lazer

Have you ever partied with Eastern Europeans?  I once spent a Saturday night in Chicago with a man I am pretty sure was a Russian gangster.  What I am saying here is if you have never spent a night with one of the lesser known European nation citizens, you will definitely want to after this. 

Autre Ne Veut

Don't worry everybody, the first Halloween creepy music video is here right on time.

Drake & Future

Quick!  Before it is deleted!


See you next week folks.

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