Monday, September 7, 2015

Celebrate Your Labor Day With The Best YouTube Nostalgia

It’s Labor Day, meaning summer is symbolically if not officially drawing to a close, meaning whatever fun you’re having is probably tinged with a little wistfulness for days gone by, meaning you’re especially primed for nostalgic feelings this week, internet-induced or otherwise.

This kind in particular.

With that in mind, here is the perfect video of ordinary people riding the same roller coaster of jubilation and sadness you’re riding today, only 15 years ago.

A stunning example of the shove-a-camera-directly-into-the-faces-of-people-who-aren’t-necessarily-enjoying-being-filmed genre of home videography, this clip reaches its apex when a neighborhood man begins griping about the newfangled “discs” that are taking over his local record store. “You walk into your average record store—you go to Record City. What do you find at Record City? Discs! Discs. I walked in there, I had a fit.”

Appreciate this, appreciate it for it's pure "hold onto the 80's hard in my hairstyle" appeal.  Or for at least the realization of the sheer amount of videos that are on YouTube.  It's staggering if you realize everybody's home videos from since there were video cameras are on  there inexplicably.

Thank you for the wonderful bounty YouTube, we don't deserve it.

Happy Labor Day Barry.

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