Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wiener Dog Escapes Race And Runs Forever

This is pure exhilaration. This is pure life. This, if Taylor Swift were writing about it, would just have the words “squad goals” written over and over again with a few emoji and hashtags thrown in. This dog is living your best life and you didn’t even know it.

According to USA Today, this adorable puppy took flight during an event in which the El Paso Chihuahuas staged a race to find out once and for all who was “the fastest wiener in El Paso.” (Insert your best premature ejaculation joke here.)

He won't be contained by organized sport.  He will not be a laughing stock.  He just needs to live.

I don’t know if this dog was the winner, but there’s no way some other damn wiener was going to win that prize, right? He may have broken the rules, but he’s living his life the damn right way.

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