Thursday, August 27, 2015

There Is A Transformers Thing Worth Loving Coming Soon

I used to really like Transformers. Back around 1991, when I was 6, they were up there with GI Joe as one of the top tier toy franchises/television show made to sell toy franchises. Transformers were cool, then Michael Bay happened.

Now, for a while I have not been able to tell anyone I used to like Transformers. One, because I don't want to have to explain that with the exception of The Rock and Con Air (A pair of fine Nicolas Cage action vehicle classics) Michael Bay can eat a bag of fire ants.  That I only liked the classic 80's show and original toys.  And two, there hasn't been a great Transformers property in years...until perhaps now...

Transformers:Devastation is an upcoming video game from Platinum Games, AKA probably the company you would want making an action game about giant robots who turn into cars on a whim and who also fight robots who turn into jets because they all want to live on a square machinery planet.

As you have seen in the trailer, it looks exactly like the cartoon, it has car to giant robot seamless action, and did I mention it looks awesome?!

Oh my 1991 eyes, if only you could have seen this...if only.

Transformers:Devastation is out October 6th.  Assemble!

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