Monday, August 17, 2015

Strange Cat Wants In Homeowner's Tiny Door

[Weird cat voice] “Hey, guy, what’s good?”

"Hey, just a plain old cat here.  Can I come in?"

Last week, an Idaho man snapped a photo of this oddly-ursine kitty when it dropped by his rural mountain home to say hello.

“It came to the cat door Thursday night, trying again and again to get through, which is when I took the photo,” Schweitzer Mountain-resident Douglas Harder wrote on Facebook.

Harder says this isn’t the first time the strange, but definitely not cat-sized creature has visited the house, having broken in previously to poop, claw stuff and have some snacks. From CNN:

The [not-cat] entered through the sliding door on Harder’s second-floor deck and ransacked his condo.

It took two hours to clean up the mess, but Harder is relieved that he wasn’t home—not that time, at least.

And what does a weird cat eat, you ask? A cat so large that it might need more than one of those small cans of Fancy Feast?

“He likes flour, brownie mix, Toblerone and went all the way to the back bedroom for a can of Pepsi!!!” writes Harder.

Don't let any large cats into your house, especially if they are actually bears.

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