Monday, August 31, 2015

Rubber Duck Chorus Is Your Savior And Nightmare

This is the sound of dozens of rubber ducks singing your their triumphant chorus, that will also haunt your dreams for all of time:

Or perhaps it is their lament to be laying one atop each other in some forgotten corner of a general store.  Confined to wallow in their steel cage until some hapless shopper takes them away from their mental and physical prison!

Dare you set them free and forgive their multitude of sins? I don’t think you want to accept that bargain, friend.

Sidenote: It was a very smooth move to hit them all and then beat feet.  Far and away (besides the terrible howling) my favorite part of the video.  Watch this thing over and over, it just gets better. I don't know if you'll get the same result, but I pretty much worked myself up to tears from laughing at this stupid thing.

This has been your semi-annual Rubber Duck Nightmare Minute.  You are welcome.

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