Monday, August 31, 2015

Obama To Tour Alaska With Noted Piss Enthusiast (Bear Grylls)

NBC announced today that President Obama (the coolest president we will ever have), who travels to Alaska this week to call for action to combat climate change, will hike through the Alaskan wilderness with noted piss enthusiast Bear Grylls for an upcoming episode of Running Wild. President Obama recently sat down for an interview with Mic; Bear Grylls recently ate a mouse cooked in Michelle Rodriguez’s urine. Just two facts.

Not saying he does, but if he did have a piss fetish that would cast a whole new light on this "survival" show.

According to Variety, the episode will “call attention to the effects of climate change on that area” while Obama receives “a crash course in survival techniques.”
In previous appearances on television, Bear Grylls has consumed: camel shit water; elephant shit water; larva beetle; Michelle Rodriguez piss mouse; moose heart; a lot of his own urine; snake; yak eyeball.  He even ate a Payday.  Nobody likes Paydays.

Earlier this month, the Obama administration issued a permit that allowed: Shell to begin drilling for oil and gas in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska’s northwest coast.  He also wants to rename a mountain.
Just two facts again.

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